There is an opinion that over the years, the intimate life of partners becomes gray and monotonous. But this is not always the case. Some couples are able to live a full sex life with ED meds like Cialis even though they have been together for a long time. Cosmopolitan has revealed the secret to good sex in a long-term relationship.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with 12 features of love joys in marriage:

1. You sometimes use sex as a trade

“I’ll wash the dishes if you make me feel good.” At first, it looks strange, but then it turns out that many people do it.

2. He can take you to orgasm quickly

Because he knows what turns you on, you can help him, too, but usually, it doesn’t matter.

3. You can offer him anything in bed

Just like you ask to buy milk from the store. And there will be no grievances and misunderstandings.

4. You try new poses, but go back to the old ones

Because it’s more convenient and pleasant, and the “adding some spice” approach is somewhat overrated.

5. Don’t really think about hair removal if you don’t go to the beach

If he really cared about your hair in the wrong places, you wouldn’t have lived together that long.

6. “I’ll go to the shower” is a prelude

Especially if you’ve both been busy and haven’t really seen each other all week, then he should definitely take the towel and come in with you.

7. You don’t discuss intimate life with your friends

In truth, it happened initially because you understand each other well and do not see the point of devoting someone else to it.

8. He is always surprised by your critical days

He had years to calculate them, but he never memorized those dates. If you get pregnant, he might not notice anything until you buy jeans for expectant moms or tell him about it.

9. You had sex on all suitable surfaces in the house

But the bed is more comfortable. So you bought it not only to sleep sweetly or stroke your beloved cat.

10. When a friend talks about a fantastic one night stand, you smile

And you’re secretly thinking, how lucky you are to have someone to hug every night, and sex is so good, there’s no point in looking for someone else.

11. Sex on holiday is always good

There is a honeymoon, which can be repeated on vacation. In the hotel after a bottle of good wine… No worse than home!

12. You wear erotic underwear, and he asks why

And you think why you suffered in those high heels and uncomfortable skirt on the first dates!